Warranty Types

At RoofCo, we take pride in our installation. We go above and beyond when it comes to taking the extra steps to deliver a great roof, without cutting any corners. As certified installers through several manufacturers, we offer the right protection on every job.

There are three primary types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s NDL Warranty
  • Material Warranty
  • Labor Warranty

Manufacturer’s NDL Warranty

  • The most Premier Warranty offered. All Materials, All Labor. The manufacturer are responsible for installation and materials.
  • Regardless of the manufacturer, an NDL warranty will usually require an on-site inspector to ensure proper installation guidelines and techniques were used before the manufacturer approves the installation and issues the warranty.

Material Warranties

  • A material warranty only guarantees the material will not fail in a certain period of time – usually 10 – 50 years. Indeed, manufacturers offer varying degrees of material warranties – at ever increasing cost.

Labor Warranty

  • Covering everything installation related, our workmanship is gauranteed for 3 – 50 years.

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